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"Three Sisters"  (2005)

"There is rarely a greater joy than painting what you see with your soul - and then having someone else connect with that."

- Geneviève Beninger


This site is a web portfolio and online gallery of paintings by Canadian artist Geneviève Beninger.

New Facebook Page

Updated August 21st, 2012

Go online and "Like" Geneviève new Facebook page: Beninger.Art. It's the easiest way to see when new paintings are completed.

New Paintings

Updated August 15th, 2011

Harriet's Gift"Harriet's Gift" (2011)

Geneviève's latest paintings were inspired by 1930's dancer Harriet Hoctor, whose fluid grace on stage brought to mind the way trees sway in the breeze outside the artist's studio. Inspired by Harriet's talent and her life dedicated to that talent, Geneviève sought to capture Harriet's own joy as she danced, and also the gift that she passed on to others through her dancing and teaching.

Video of Harriet dancing with Fred Astaire in "Shall We Dance" (1937)


Harriet's Joy (2011)

Harriet's Joy






Updated May 7th, 2011

Dreams of Summer (2010)"Dreams of Summer" (2010) utilizes a unique approach to pointillism to depict a stylized representation of a cold winter who longs for the warmth of spring. (see detail)


New Painting

Updated Dec 12, 2010

Sailor's Delight (2010)"Sailor's Delight" (2010) is the second part of a pair representing the sailor's rhyme:

Red sky at night
Sailor's delight
Red sky in the morning
Sailors take warning



The first painting "Red Sky Warning" was completed and sold in 2006.

Red Sky Warning (2006)

On Display

Updated Nov 25, 2010

A few of Geneviève's paintings are regularlyl on display and available for purchase at the Sunnyside Café at 1234 Esquimalt Rd.

Sunnyside Café has great food in a bright, cozy setting. Be sure to drop by and sample their fabulous Saxe Pointe Benny!

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Updated December 7, 2008

Statia Pup (2008)Geneviève also does commissioned portraits of people and pets as well as landscapes. You can see an example of the progressive steps taken during a previous portrait below.

You can find information about commissioning a portrait for your own family's collection on the Portraits page.



Detail Detail Detail
Portrait Sketch Portrait Background Cont'd Portrait Figure